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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Do I have to take a driver’s education course?

A.    Yes.  If you want to obtain your Massachusetts driver’s license before you turn 18 years old, taking a driver education course is a requirement of the state of Massachusetts.  In addition, you will receive discounts on your car insurance, once you do become a licensed driver.  If you are 18 years old or older and you complete a driver education course, you will be eligible for an insurance discount too!

Q.    Do I have to have a learner’s permit to start classroom hours of a driver’s education course?

A.    No.  You must be at least 15 years and 9 months old to start classroom hours.  We encourage students to begin the driver’s education course at this age.  Let our future drivers start thinking and learning about this crucial life skill at the legal age of 15 years and 9 months.  This gives them much more time to prepare and develop their skills and judgment when they are ready to be out there on their own!

Q.    When can I get my learner’s permit?

A.    You may obtain your Massachusetts learner’s permit once you turn 16 years old.

Q.    How do I get my learner’s permit?

A.     You must go to a full service Registry of Motor Vehicles branch, such as Springfield or Easthampton.  You do not need an appointment and you cannot schedule an appointment.  You must go at least two hours before the branch closes.  Otherwise, you may be turned away, due to a lack of time to get in to take the test.  You must have a Learner’s Permit Application, which is available on the RMV’s website (we have a direct link on our website for our students’ convenience) or at a branch, a certified copy of your birth certificate (one with a raised seal) or a passport and your social security card/number.  The cost of a learner’s permit test is $30.00.  You must pass an eye exam, so if you need glasses/contact lenses, don’t forget them!  You will also have your photograph taken, so look good!

Q.  What happens once I pass the written test to obtain my permit?

A.  The RMV will issue you a Massachusetts learner’s permit.  Make sure you review all of the information on your learner’s permit for accuracy.  Make sure your name, address and date of birth are all accurate!  We had a male student whose learner’s permit stated that he was female.  The clerks at the RMV enter the information you provide on the Learner’s Permit Application, however, sometimes errors are made.  Do not leave the RMV counter/clerk until you are sure your information is correct!

Q.  What do I use for study materials to take the learner’s permit test.

A.    The RMV Driver Manual issued by the State of Massachusetts.  This manual is available on the RMV’s website (we have a direct link for our students’ convenience on our website and/or you may obtain a copy from any RMV branch.  There is a fee of $5.00 per manual.

Q.    What if I fail my learner’s permit test?

A.    If you don’t pass your test, there is no waiting period for another try.  You can get right back in line and test again.  However, the RMV charges $30.00 for each test.  Make sure you’ve studied and are prepared.

Q.    What if I lose my learner’s permit or it becomes damaged and/or illegible?

A.    You must replace your learner’s permit, if you lose it.  Students must go back to the RMV and pay a fee of $15.00 for a duplicate learner’s permit.  If your learner’s permit becomes damaged and/or is illegible, you may also have to replace it.  They are not machine washable!  Check with us and we’ll let you know if it needs to be replaced.  Please note the learner’s permit may not be altered, photocopied, laminated or taped!  This will result in a rejected road test!

Q.    Do I have to complete all my classroom hours before I can start the behind the wheel lessons?

A.    No.  As long as Meadows Driving School has the signature portion of our Student/Parent Outline on file and a student has a valid learner’s permit, you may begin scheduling behind the wheel lessons.  You can even start the behind the wheel lessons before your start your classroom!

Q.    Do I have to take each of the fifteen numbered classes in order?

A.    No.  You may complete each of the fifteen numbered classes in any order.  There is no advantage or disadvantage in taking a particular class module before another.  If you miss a class, you may make it up in the next session.

Q.    Is there a time limit to complete the driver’s education course?

A.    Yes.  You must complete the driver’s education course within two years of your start date.

Q.    What type of vehicles do you offer behind the wheel lessons in?

A.    We have new Hyndai Elantra Sedans.  All of our cars are exactly the same in equipment and handling.  The only differences are the colors!  Our vehicles are properly equipped specifically for the purpose of instructing new drivers.

Q.    Do you pick up and drop off at home or school for the behind the wheel lessons?

A.    Yes.  We service a broad area of East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Hampden, Wilbraham and some areas of Springfield.  If a student lives too far out of the areas we service, we can make arrangements for a convenient pick up and drop off location.  We want to make sure our students’ behind the wheel lessons are utilized for learning, not as taxi cab rides.

Q.    Why do you have a cancellation policy for behind the wheel lessons?

A.    We must make the most use of each hour of each day that we offer behind the wheel lessons.  We require 24 hours’ notice (just leave a voice message on our scheduling line 525-9515) so that we have the opportunity to offer another student that hour.  Monday behind the wheel lessons must be cancelled by noon on the Saturday before, for the same reason.  We don’t work on Sundays and, if you call us on a Sunday at 7pm to cancel a 2pm or 3pm behind the wheel lesson, it doesn’t give us an opportunity to fill the hour.  Once we lose the hour, we can’t get it back.  We hope you understand.  We know, on occasion, circumstances beyond control may result in a missed appointment or a short notice cancellation.  In this event, our team does everything possible to fill the hour, so we don’t have to charge a fee.

Q.    Do I have to take a Parent Class?

A.    Yes.  A parent class is required once every five years for students under the age of 18 years old.

Q.    How do I sign up for the Parent Class?

A.    Easy!  Just call the office 525-9555 and leave us a message as to which Parent Class you would like to attend.  Our calendar on our website has the dates posted for several months at a time, so you can plan in advance!  If you forget to call but know you can attend a parent class, just show up!  We’ll have room for you!

Q.    When can I take my road test to obtain my driver’s license?

A.    You must have a valid learner’s permit for 6 consecutive months, without incident, and you must complete a driver’s education course.  If you are 18 years old or older, you are not subject to the 6 month restriction.

Q.    If I complete all the requirements of the driver education course, when is the soonest I can book my road test at an RMV branch?

A.    You cannot book your road test at an RMV branch sooner than 30 days before your eligibility date.  If you got your learner’s permit on July 8, 2015 and complete the driver education course requirements on November 28, 2015, you cannot contact the RMV to schedule your road test before December 8, 2015 for a possible appointment on January 8, 2016 or later.  However, if you want to be penciled in on a Saturday/Sunday road test with Meadows Driving School, just let us know and we’ll put you on our list!

Q.    How do I schedule my road test?

A.    This information can be found on our website and the link is entitled Road Test Options.  You may also speak with us for options and details.

Q.    What if I want a Saturday/Sunday road test with Meadows Driving School but book a weekday appointment at an RMV branch as a backup?

A.    You cannot have two appointments for a road test booked at the same time.  The RMV would cut you from our Saturday/Sunday road test list because they do not have the authority to cancel your weekday branch appointment.

Q.    What if I fail my road test?

A.    There is no waiting period restriction for another road test appointment.  However, your test results must be graded and entered into the RMV’s data base before a new appointment can be booked.  The RMV road test appointments do book out 4 to 6 weeks, due to a combination of the demand for appointments and limited number of State Examiners who conduct the road test exams.

Q.    If I pass my road test exam at Meadows Driving School, do I have to go to an RMV branch to obtain my Massachusetts driver’s license?

A.    No!  Once a student passes the road test exam on a Saturday/Sunday, the State Examiner validates your learner’s permit, making it a temporary Massachusetts driver’s license, grades your test results and the RMV will generate and mail your permanent license directly to you!

Remember, when you are driving, you are THE BOSS!!! Be responsible & stay safe.

Good Luck!!!

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